Reviews on Environmental Health

Hyunok Choi*, Won-Min Song, and Bin Zhang



Asthma and other complex diseases results from a complex web of interactions involving inflammation, immunity, cell cycle, apoptosis, and metabolic perturbations across multiple organ systems. The extent to which various degrees of the age at onset, symptom severity, and the natural progression of the disease reflect multiple disease subtypes, influenced by unique process of development remains unknown. One of the most critical challenges to our understanding stems from incomplete understanding of the mechanisms. Within this review, we focus on the phenotypes of childhood allergic asthma as the basis to better understand the endotype for quantitative define subtypes of asthma. We highlight some of the known mechanistic pathways associated with the key hallmark events before the asthma onset. In particular, we examine how the recent advent of multiaxial -omics technologies and systems biology could help to clarify our current understanding of the pathway. We review how a large volume of molecular, genomic data generated by multiaxial technologies could be digested to identify cogent pathophysiologic molecular networks. We highlight some recent successes in application of these technologies within the context of other disease conditions for therapeutic interventions. We conclude by summarizing the research needs for the predictive value of preclinical biomarkers.

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