Measuring Screen-Time for Local Kids

Feb. 11, 2020  CSDA associate  Erin Bell talked about screen time increases and its impact in early age. Listen full interview from iHeartRadio

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AVAIL ‘Visualization Wizardry’ Produces Regional Data Source to Aid Nonprofits

Feb. 11, 2020 CSDA associate  Catherine Lawson  talks about Capital Region Indicators, “yet another an example of how the University’s research capacity supports community engagement across the Region” Read more [...]

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The Aftermath of Immigration Enforcement Episodes: An Exploration of the Impacts on Young Adults

Jan. 13, 2020 CSDA associate  Dr. Joanna Dreby and Dr. Eunju Lee have been awarded a grant by the Russell Sage Foundation for a project on “The Aftermath of Immigration Enforcement [...]

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Assemblyman calls for Newburgh residents to be re-tested in national PFAS study

Dec. 13, 2019  CSDA associate  Erin Bell's research was featured at Times Herald-Record. Read more from Times Herald-Record

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High amounts of screen time begin as early as infancy

Nov. 25, 2019  CSDA associate  Erin Bell talked about excessive screen time begin as early as infancy. Read more from Science Daily

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UAlbany Receives $1 Million for Public Health Modeling Center

Oct., 24, 2019  CSDA associate  Eli Rosenberg receives $1 Million for Public Health Modeling Center. Read more from  UAlbany News and

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