PFAS ‘Forever Chemicals’ Are Turning Up in Menstrual Products. Here’s What You Need to Know

Feb. 9, 2023 CSDA associate  Erin Bell's research was featured at TIME. Read more from TIME

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Residential Proximity to Biorefinery Sources of Air Pollution and Respiratory Diseases in New York State

Dec. 15, 2022 CSDA associate Shao Lin's paper was recognized as one of Environmental Science & Technology’s best papers for 2021. The study was one of two runners-up in the [...]

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Immigrants don’t drive crime rates, study of Schenectady’s Guyanese finds

Nov. 27, 2022 CSDA associate Samantha Friedman’s student Tyler Bellick's research highlighted at Times Union, News Channel 10 – WTEN , and The Daily Gazette

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Medicaid Policies Fuel Disparities in Timely Prenatal Care Access

Nov. 4, 2022 CSDA associate Ashley Fox's Insight posted at Patient Engagement HIT

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Econ Professor Wins Prize for Paper Forecasting Recession

Nov. 10, 2022 CSDA associate Kajal Lahiri's recession forecasting paper won the prestigious Edmund A. Mennis Contributed Paper Award. For more detail, click UAlbany News Center

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Extreme heat exposure correlates with increased risk of kidney disease-related ED visits

Oct. 14, 2022 Healio features CSDA associate Shao Lin's research

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