The goals of this new core will be to: (1) help researchers to develop their new ideas to the point of viable proposals; (2) promote interdisciplinary collaborations among researchers leading to fundable projects; and (3) and assist young scholars coming from a variety of disciplines to develop into proficient population researchers. Thus this core seeks to serve as a catalyst for the ideas and young scholars who can contribute to population research in general and to the CSDA signature themes specifically. The mechanisms that will allow the core to meet these goals include: (1) an enhanced seed-grant program to provide modest amounts of initial funding to allow researchers to translate new ideas into fundable proposals; (2) colloquium and training-workshop programs that will help both established population researchers to keep abreast of new developments and introduce younger scholars to research problems and methodologies; and (3) PAA annual meeting travel awards to introduce new researchers to the larger demographic community.

Leadership: Zai Liang

Staff: Jin-Wook Lee