Health Services Research

Johnson, Britney L., James Tesoriero, Wenhui Feng, Feng Qian*, and Erika G. Martin



Objective: To estimate the programmatic costs of partner services for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydial infection. Study Setting: New York State and local health departments conducting partner services activities in 2014. Study Design: A cost analysis estimated, from the state perspective, total program costs and cost per case assignment, patient interview, partner notification, and disease-specific key performance indicator. Data Collection: Data came from contracts, a time study of staff effort, and statewide surveillance systems. Principal Findings: Disease-specific costs per case assignment (mean: $580; range: $502–$1,111), patient interview ($703; $608–$1,609), partner notification ($1,169; $950–$1,936), and key performance indicator ($2,697; $1,666–$20,255) varied across diseases. Most costs (79 percent) were devoted to gonorrhea and chlamydial infection investigations. Conclusions: Cost analysis complements cost-effectiveness analysis in evaluating program performance and guiding improvements.

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