CSDA provides large-format printing services to our affiliates free of charge. Please follow below guidelines to submit a job request.

1. Your print jobs (e.g., posters) should be designed with the maximum of 36 inches of one side while there is no limitation in the other side. Please contact Jin Lee  for special requests if the dimension of your print job exceeds the above limitation.

2. We accept print jobs with PowerPoint or PDF formats. Note that PDF is preferable.

3. Please proof read the texts of your print job. Once the file is finalized, email it to Jin Lee. If the file size is too big to be sent electronically, save your file in a flash drive and drop it off to UAB 321 (University Administration Building off Western Avenue).

4. Turnaround is three business days and you will receive an e-mail notification for pickup. Please plan accordingly.

5. If your work is directly supported by CSDA, please acknowledge CSDA’s support on your poster (see suggested wording here). If you use CSDA’s poster printing service, please acknowledge CSDA by using below suggested wording. “This research received partial support from the Center for Social and Demographic Analysis (CSDA). CSDA is funded through a grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (R24HD044943).”

6. If you would like to include CSDA’s logo to your poster, please visit our logo download page to find the image(s) that fit to your poster design.


Currently, no poster design training is scheduled by CSDA. A list of helpful websites for poster design is compiled below for your reference.