Heat, humidity, and heart disease

By |December 8th, 2017|

December 8, 2017

CSDA Associate Shao Lin discussed about how temperatures or extreme humidity can negatively impact one’s physical health, particularly those afflicted with cardiovascular disease. Read more at  the UAlbany NewsCenter.

The new tax bill will make Americans less healthy – and that’s bad for the economy

By |December 6th, 2017|

December 6, 2017

CSDA Associate Diane Dewar talked about The new tax bil in The Conversation .

Education with Racial Justice

By |December 4th, 2017|

December 4, 2017

CSDA Associate Kathryn Schiller discussed about her new project on Education with Racial Justice.
Read more at  the UAlbany NewsCenter.

Breaking the Cycle

By |December 1st, 2017|

Nov. 23, 2017

CSDA Associate Melissa Tracy and Allison Appleton found a link suggesting the cycle of violence in families can be broken if the mother receives social support and if there is paternal involvement during a particular key year in the child’s life. Read more at  the UAlbany NewsCenter.

Prison Recidivism

By |November 29th, 2017|

Nov. 28, 2017

CSDA Associate Shawn Bushway discussed about his study on Prison Recidivism in The Conversation
Read more comprehensive story at  the UAlbany NewsCenter.

William Pridemore Named SUNY Distinguished Professor

By |November 28th, 2017|

Nov. 27, 2017

CSDA Associate William Pridemore appointed to SUNY’s highest faculty rank. Read more at  the UAlbany NewsCenter.

How to Stay Healthy When You’re Out of a Job

By |November 28th, 2017|

Nov. 23, 2017

CSDA Associate Kate Strully discussed about her research on evaluating the potential for job loss to impact people’s health in an articles on U.S. News & World Report

A Gift for Preeminence

By |October 23rd, 2017|

October 23, 2017

CSDA Associate Alan Lizotte pledged a gift to the School of Criminal Justice to promote doctoral and postdoctoral training and research . Read more at  the UAlbany NewsCenter.

Twitter Data Changing Future of Population Research

By |August 15th, 2017|

August 15, 2017

CSDA Associate Tse-Chuan Yang participating in an interesting research on how twitter data can change future of population research. Read more at  Pennsylvania Ag News

Connections Between Persistent Organic Pollutants and Infertility

By |July 18th, 2017|

July 13, 2017

CSDA Associate Michael Bloom discussed about Connections Between Persistent Organic Pollutants and Infertility in articles on Health News Digest and Green Guy Living