Guide to Contacts for Services Provided by the Administrative Core

(518) 402-0290
  • General questions related to operation of Center and Cores
  • Inquiries about procedures for projects to be approved for access to the Cores
  • Inquiries about appointments to Center “Affiliate” Status
  • General questions about funding opportunities

Linda Lawrence
Senior Administrative Assistant

  • Manage day-to-day activity of Center
  • Liaison between Center and Accounting, Financial Management Office
  • Administration of research grant budgets
  • Assist in Proposal Preparation and Processing
  • Maintain files of all papers prepared by Center researchers for publication
  • Upon request, establish binders for all on going accounts, with paper trail of money in and out of accounts
  • Liason between Center and Office for Sponsored Programming
  • Assist CSDA researchers with pre-proposal activities
  • Guide proposal preparation and submission
  • Serve as editor of CSDA newsletter(CSDA Notes)